If you love music, you're in the right place.

It seems to be more difficult than ever in today's busy world to find time to recharge, doesn't it?   So many things to do.  So much information to process. 

Remember this:  "All musicians, creators and performers alike, think of the gifted listener as a key figure in the musical universe."  — Aaron Copland

If you're that listener, we at Gifted Listener Audio can help.  The antidote to our over-burdened lives is music—real, high quality music reproduction. There is nothing like it.  It promotes tranquility after a stressful day.  It changes our mood.  It reminds us of where we've been, invigorates us for what's ahead.  

You know what doesn't do that?  Electronic noise played through a cheap mass-marketed system or a 99 cent download heard through ear plugs. The electronics industry tries to convince us this is all we need.  If you’ve tried this, you know it doesn't help.  In fact, it just makes your life worse.  It puts you on edge. It winds you up, not down. 

Of course, there's no substitute for the fun of going out on the town for live entertainment. But who can find the time to get away that often?  A home high fidelity system that recreates that musical experience in a very real way is the remedy.  And very often it's better than live because we are free from distractions and we are at ease in the comfort of our homes, listening to what we want, when we want, and sharing it with those close to us.

Thanks for dropping by.  We hope to have the chance very soon to play some music for you. Come hear the beauty, feel the excitement.  We'll help you live a better life.